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Land and Sea Collection®

Vero Web Consulting recently had the opportunity to do just this for our client, Land and Sea Collection. When Land and Sea Collection came to us, they were looking for help patching up their existing HTML website. However, rather than put a band-aid on a gushing wound, we suggested that it was time for them to take the leap into the future and convert their website to a modern WordPress-powered site.

Land and Sea Collection® from legacy to modern taking a website from HTML to WordPress, Stuart to Vero Beach, Website Development Services

Source Electric Services LLC

Working with the team at Source Electric Services LLC (SES) was a pleasure for Vero Web Consulting. Building their logo, brand identity, and the website was a great experience. Starting a new business can be both thrilling and daunting, but the SES team had the expertise in the electrical and trade fields and just needed help getting their brand and digital presence off the ground.

Source Electric Services commercial brand design and development case study, Vero Web Consulting -- Melbourne and Vero Beach Website Design and Marketing.

Papillon Marketplace: Improving the lives of families in Haiti one Click at a Time

What a success! In just one month, we’ve generated a total of 1,629 leads for the client. On the first day, we began with about 60 conversions which spiked to over 150 conversions in the first week of January with the same exact ad spend, that’s an increase of 100% in conversions, in just 2 weeks!
Papillon Marketplace: Improving the lives of families in Haiti one Click at a Time. A case study by Vero Web Consulting, Melbourne, Vero Beach Web Design and Marketing

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