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Papillon is a fairtrade certified company working directly with artisans in Haiti in order to improve the lives of families in Haiti. The company was founded by Shelley Jean, a social entrepreneur who is dedicated to working on behalf of those in poverty and need in Haiti through sustainable job creation.
Papillon was born out of the heart to provide a solution to the orphan crisis. As a fair-trade certified business, Papillon Marketplace became a beacon of hope for mothers and fathers who would otherwise have to abandon their children to orphanages or worse because they can’t afford to keep them. Through Papillon, more people in Haiti are able to support their families by creating beautifully handcrafted Hatian artisan goods ranging from handmade jewelry, pottery like mugs and vases, totes, tees, decor, and one-of-a-kind gift and novelty artisanal items.
The work Shelley has been doing through Papillon garnered international support. The Haitian artisan goods have already been featured on The Gap, Oprah, and in Vogue Magazine. Designers like Donna Karan and Stella Jean have also expressed admiration and praise for the craftsmanship of the artisans at Papillon. How the power of word-of-mouth advertising contributed to Papillon’s continuous success is undeniable. The compassionate entrepreneurial vision of the company was widely supported around the world. For Papillon’s social enterprise to thrive and grow even more, they expanded their borders through Google Ads. This is where we come in to do the work.
Papillon Marketplace: Improving the lives of families in Haiti one Click at a Time. A case study by Vero Web Consulting, Melbourne, Vero Beach Web Design and Marketing
The Challenges

Create brand awareness

so people in Minneapolis, Columbus Ohio, Dallas Texas, Nashville Tennessee, and Atlanta Georgia would recognize the company name and vision
Generate more leads to get more partners to sell artisanal goods from Haiti. Increase website traffic and get more people from the target demographic clicking on the site to maximize sales and marketing efforts.
The Solutions

We set up a Google Ad campaign

to get more partners to sell goods from Haiti. The campaign was also launched to help generate more leads and increase website traffic by maximizing clicks.
We identified that Papillon’s ideal audience would be business owners in Minneapolis, MN, Columbus, OH, Dallas TX, Nashville TN, and Atlanta GA, who’ve visited the website in the last 180 days.
Papillon Marketing Place Google Marketing Campaign, helmed by the team at Vero Web Consulting

The graph shows the number of impressions

from December 22, 2021 to January 22, 2022. It is notable that impressions increased by 253.74% which amounted to a total of 277,043 in the last 30 days.
Impressions peaked on January 1, 2022 with around 40,000. An increase in clicks is noted at 142.31% which amounted to 3,000 clicks in the last 30 days. Most leads were from mobile users with full browsers.
Click Through Rate

We dramatically hit the Ad Click Through

in the last 30 days. The CTR rate is more than the average CTR for the advocacy industry which is 0.59%.
Cost Per Conversion

Our average cost per conversion

in the last 30 days amounted to $0.31, which is a reduction of 66.04% in cost per lead (without having to increase ad spend).
This means money was saved by refining our ad creative and creating a dedicated landing page to collect lead data.

WIthin 30 days, the ad campaign
we ran generated

a total of 1,629 leads for the client. On the first day, we began with about 60 conversions which spiked to over 150 conversions in the first week of January with the same exact ad spend, that’s an increase of 100% in conversions, in just 2 weeks.

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