Panacea BioMedical Institute

Panacea Biomedical Institute is a Functional & Regenerative Medicine Practice, located in Pomapano Beach Florida

Panacea Biomedical Institute is a Functional & Regenerative Medicine Practice located in Pompano Beach Florida

Best Behavior Pet Training

Best Behavior Pet Training, Vero Beach Florida Certified Behvaior Trainer. Vero Web Consulting Client

At Best Behavior Pet Training, my goal is to provide you with the services that suit the needs of you and your pet. I can customize a package for you. Please read a synopsis of my services below, then call me to create a personalized program.

Nutrikeo Supplement Manufacturing

NutriKeo Supplment Manufacture located in Pomapano Beach Florida, Vero Web Consulting client

Nutrikeo offers custom formula creation, supplement manufacturing, white-labeling, and fulfillment services for the supplement industry.

Dr. Claudia Marcelo D.O., AOBFP

Dr. Claudia Marcelo D.O., AOBFP, Vero Web Consulting client

Dr. Claudia practices and teaches regenerative and functional medicine to her patients. Her clinic, Panacea BioMedical Institute, is located in Pompano Beach Florida. htt

Nikola Farad

Nikola Farad® is a concept about a Scientific Fact Robot (the SFR) to help educate consumers about the risks of driving cars powered by gas and diesel.

NIKOLA FARAD© is a Scientific Fact Robot, aka SFR, and the SFR’s objective is to accelerate the car-buying customer of today into buying EV automobiles; solving the problem of carbon monoxide being produced by the internal combustion engine.

Palm Beach Protection Services

Palm Beach Protection Services, client project Vero Web Consulting

Palm Beach Protection Sevices: PBPS has partnered with SALT Supply, engineered to stop a criminal without the lethal threat to a curious child, in case of an accident. We are here to protect our loved ones and to help others in their time of need. We train and certify you to carry a concealed weapon […]


Dr. Norbert Dombrowsky is a Chiropractor based in Stuart, FL, who specializes in Chiropractic Radiology.